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Will Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr Really Matter Five Years from Now?

Long ago on this blog, we discussed potential ways to save MySpace from a painful demise.  For you young folk out there, MySpace is what preceded Facebook.  For you old geezers, MySpace is what followed Friendster.  Moreover, contrary to what some of you may think, MySpace is still alive, and well even, ranked in the top 500 (#452) in the U.S. in terms of online traffic.  (Can you say that about your website?)  In fact, just last year, MySpace bragged about signing up over one million new accounts in a month due to its renewed focus on music.

Okay, so maybe MySpace is still hanging on, at least for now.  But what’s the prognosis for those other non-Facebook social networking sites that have enjoyed media attention over the past few years?  Is there truly a viable future for sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr?  Or will all of what they do be merged into a site such as Facebook?

Now, before you think I’m the ultimate pessimist, let’s consider that in its heyday, MySpace was the presumably unbeatable leader in social networking (as was Friendster a few years earlier).  There were few, if any, who thought that it would ever fall like it did.  So what I’m wondering is this (and I’ll need your thoughts to help me out): if one of the reasonably big social networking sites were to begin its decline, what would cause it to do so, and how could it be saved?

Let’s try this exercise by considering any one of these three big players:

Your task if you’re reading this is to let me know:

  1. If one (or more) of these sites were to start to decline, what do you think would be the potential factor(s) that would cause that decline?
  2. What do you think that website could potentially do either to prevent the decline or to reverse it?

Let me know in a comment below, and if you’ve written something related to this topic in your own blog, link to your own blog entry in your comment below.

Let’s face it… if you’re a social networking site, high traffic rank is sensible.

Be sensible.
Anthony Miyazaki

P.S.  In just in case you were wondering… Friendster is still out there, ranked in the top 19,000 websites worldwide (and the top 7,000 in India) according to  Some websites just refuse to die.

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