Anthony Miyazaki is a brand strategist and marketing educator who has a passion for marketing analytics, effective communication, and efficient processes. He serves in several roles at Florida International University, the 4th largest public university in the U.S.

Anthony leads the Marketing and Logistics Department at Florida International University, where his team of faculty and administrative staff consistently work to make processes more sensible, effective, and efficient by (1) combining innovation with analytics, (2) developing synergies between employees’ professional brands and the organization’s brands, and (3) enhancing the influence of team members.

As Executive Director of Marketing and Analytics for FIU Business, Anthony’s team has increased and maintained enrollments and revenues by over 25% in a 2-year period. Their reintegration of the marketing and recruiting for the school’s online MBA program (300+ students per year) from its previously outsourced firm resulted in savings of over $13,000 per student in reduced acquisition costs. Their strategic approach to marketing communications has focused on responsible national growth while maintaining long-term local market viability.

Anthony is the Founding Director of the FIU Master of Science in Marketing program, a nationally-ranked intensive program that focuses on digital marketing, brand development, and marketing analytics. The program, which features both a face-to-face and online modalities, has been successful in helping its alumni transition into mid-level and senior-level marketing positions in a variety of B2B and B2C industries. The program is designed to empower students by building both essential skill sets as well as realistic self-confidence.

Anthony started teaching marketing strategy and digital marketing over 20 years ago (at the University of Miami). He also has taught marketing management, consumer behavior, and marketing communications to undergraduates, graduates, and industry groups. His revision of FIU’s Marketing Yourself (Personal Branding) course is now taught to students from all majors. You can connect with him best on LinkedIn and YouTube, or follow him using “SensibleFolk” on FITS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat).

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