Online Marketing: Interactivity

How much Interactivity does Online Marketing need? We hear it all the time: Online marketing gives us “interactivity” with our clients.  It provides a chance to not only tell our story, but to listen to the stories of our customers.  Via various e-marketing applications, we can open up “a dialogue” with current and potential buyers.But is interactivity in online… Read More

E-Marketing: Buying Decision Process

Where Is E-Marketing in the Buying Decision Process?   It’s everywhere! We know e-marketing is here to stay.  We know that its influence on the marketing exchange process is significant.  But how does e-marketing fit into the buying decision process? To answer that, let’s first review the buying (or purchase) decision process.  Go interview ten… Read More

Behavioral Advertising and Your Privacy: Facebook and Google Push Forward

Behavioral Advertising and Your Privacy: Facebook and Google Push Forward Long before the days when snake oil salespeople would deftly select their marks from a crowd of curious onlookers, sellers have been using market segmentation to determine which customers, or more generally which types of customers, are more likely to succumb to a particular set… Read More

Is “Online Privacy” the Ultimate Oxymoron?

Is “Online Privacy” the Ultimate Oxymoron? The efficiency, global reach, and seemingly limitless information capacity of the internet is what makes it attractive to the great majority of people worldwide.  You can find a pizza place in Hoboken (quite a few of them in fact), the answer to that tough take-home quiz, the schematics of… Read More

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr

Will Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr Really Matter Five Years from Now? Long ago on this blog, we discussed potential ways to save MySpace from a painful demise.  For you young folk out there, MySpace is what preceded Facebook.  For you old geezers, MySpace is what followed Friendster.  Moreover, contrary to what some of you may think, MySpace is still alive, and well… Read More

Will Amazon be the next Walmart?

Will Amazon be the next Walmart? New tax laws may be the catalyst. Discussion of taxation often focuses primarily on income taxes, whether at personal or corporate levels, or on payroll taxes.  Lost amidst all this attention, however, is the fact that newly implemented sales taxes on internet purchases have been gaining ground in the… Read More

Social Media Round 1: Harry vs. Boeing

Social Media Round 1: Harry vs. Boeing On Saturday, May 10, 2010, the New York Times reported on 9-year-old Harry who mailed a drawing of an airplane to Boeing Corporation and asked them to manufacture his plane. Boeing (asserting legal obligations) mailed Harry a form letter saying that they don’t accept unsolicited ideas. Harry’s dad (who happened… Read More